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Sara Yusuf Design

About Me


Hi, my name is Sara, founder of Futago | The Green Design Agency.

I grew up in Sherwood Forest and am in total awe of nature and the positive effects it has on a persons mind, body and soul. You might ask why green? or fu--ta, what? Hopefully this gives you a little insight into the passion behind my drive and why ethical business practice sits at the heart of my work. 


Futago //'foo-ta-go/ meaning twin or dual, noun 双生児, 相生, 双生.

I’ve always been fascinated with language and nature, especially within art. The way they influence each other and how our environment impacts our voice and pushes our creativity. Living in Japan taught me the beauty of this connection, where nature plays a very influential role in both language and art.


As our natural habitats are threatened I feel it is increasingly important to protect our environment and nurture positive and sustainable businesses. That's why business development and ethical practice is mutually inclusive to my work. So, taking a bite from nature's beauty as the core of my work, I decided to form The Green Design Agency as a way of bringing the forest to the city, so to speak.


My Bachelors Degree in Commerce and Japanese provides me with the vital skills needed to take an idea and turn it into a successful business, whilst remembering the 'midori no michi' and my green roots.

I'm excited to meet new and established businesses, to help them grow their brand and develop their green leaf.

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